Crush It With Confidence – Episode 8


We all know the famous saying: “we all have 24 hours in a day” – and every time I used to hear it, I used to feel more and more frustrated. I have lots of time to work, so why does it seem like it still isn’t enough? Why are there always things that end up on the bottom of my to-do-list, never to get tackled?


Over time I figured that it wasn’t actually bad time management as such that was too blame.


There were other things happening in my life that really impacted what I did with the time I have available and it was only once I started fixing those, that I started using my time better – and today I’ll share the 5 little demons that always seem to try and trip me up.

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The 5 whys that we’ve personally found, are these (but there are possibly more!):

  1. Lack of goals resulting in a lack of a plan
  2. Simply doing too much at any one time
  3. Weak boundaries
  4. Ego getting in the way of getting things done
  5. Being Mentally/Emotionally busy


We dive into each and every single one of these in the episode, so take a listen to get some handy tips to start getting back to being in charge of your day.

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