Crush It With Confidence – Episode 7


Ok, so having an online business has it’s advantages and it’s challenges, just like everything else in life. Over time I noticed that there are things I wish people had been WAY more up front about when we discussed online business together.


So in this episode I’m going to share 13 things that I believe would have been SO helpful for me to be aware of before I even got started, I hope you find some of these helpful too. If I come up with more, there will certainly be follow up episodes.

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Here are the 13 things we are going to cover in this episode

  • The rollercoaster of emotions
  • The people you surround yourself with
  • Mentors
  • Finding YOUR path
  • Unsolicited Advice
  • Consistency
  • Competition
  • Personal Growth
  • Sickness
  • The importance of goals
  • The importance of understanding people to the core
  • Understanding yourself
  • The glass ceiling and mindset work
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