Crush It With Confidence – Episode 5


If you have spent the last few weeks consuming a whole load of content about getting started with your online business you may now find yourself in a complete state of overwhelm – I call this analysis paralysis. You have so many different options floating around your head that you’re literally physically unable to take any kind of action whatsoever.

Today I’m teaching you to look inside yourself to establish which steps to take next.

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Here is what we go over in this episode:

  • We are going to look at 3 areas of yourself that will help you to establish which type of service to offer in YOUR business
  • The 3 areas are personality, skills and experience and passion
  • You already have the answer to all of your questions inside of you, we just need to bring them out
  • We discuss personality tests, skills tests and how to look at your own personal experience to establish the best way forward for you.



16 Personalities Test

Enneagram Test

Strengthsfinder Assessment


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