Crush It With Confidence – Episode 4


In this episode we welcome Lucy Smith to the podcast! Lucy Smith is a Personal Development Mentor after her own struggles with anxiety, fears and confidence. It is her mission in life to support as many people as possible with their mindset through personal development.


We got together to talk about all things mindset with a particular focus on morning routines that set us up for success. We talk about her journey to personal development and the techniques and tools she and her clients have used to make big changes in their lives.

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Here is what we go over in this episode:

  • What are signs that we may need to prioritise working on our mindset
  • What to do when working on our mindset feels like a selfish thing to do
  • What working on your mindset means and what impact it has on your life
  • Why a morning routine helps us to start our day successfully
  • How we can develop our own morning routine and what to include


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