Crush It With Confidence – Episode 1


Yaaaaaay! I never thought this day would come, but it’s here at last! The Crush It With Confidence Podcast has officially launched and I’m so excited for what we have planned for the next few weeks and months.

This episode is an intro to the podcast, My personal journey and reasons for creating an online business and what you can expect to learn from the podcast.

We will be covering everything that you need to know to start and grow a successful service-based online so subscribe on iTunes and never miss an episode or use the form below to sign up for email notifications.

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I have been procrastinating on launching the podcast (as any good business owner does) for weeks – because I felt like I just didn’t have all the pieces together in my head – and as soon as the last piece fell into place (which took A LOT of internal work) the content just started flowing and the plan for the next few weeks and months came easily!

Before I leave you to listen to the episode I want to give the biggest thank you to Lero for doing an amazing job putting the intro together and with that got me over the final block to getting this out into the world. Couldn’t have finished it without you!

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